"From Darkness to Light"


I started this painting when the women of Afghanistan where given opportunity to improve their lives, 20 years ago (one score – as Lincoln would tell you). I don’t know why I “abandoned” her (as da Vinci would tell you). Maybe I thought the fight was over; that the new rules would stick. I guess the one lesson we have learned in the last few months is that we constantly need to fight for our rights, or they could be taken away. 

Recently finishing this painting, I am calling it “From Darkness to Light and Back Again in One Score.”

 When finishing this painting, I raised funds to help support the women of Afghanistan by donating to the Malala Fund to support girls’ education.

I write ekphrastic poetry to complement my paintings this is:

"From Darkness to Light"

Bronze, silver, and gold made them feel bold

For their freedom, they were told, the ballot box would hold


The past had been a brain drain

All in vain


No more shadows or hiding from the pain

They hoped their faith would remain


When the light came

Life was no longer the same


Colorfully, turning their backs on the darkness, they stepped into the light

To effectuate their might


They felt validation

In their education


Only one score later, the darkness returned

Once again for freedom they yearned