Julia Michelle Dawson



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NAIROBI - A Novel of International Intrigue

Avery Sumner was a power house in Silicon Valley. After her venture capitalist best friend, Ramsey, helps her launch the most successful IPO in computer history, she cashes in and moves to Africa to become a safari pilot. Bravely hunting down wild animals, Avery finds her life in Africa not only a beautiful adventure, but also a frightening nightmare as she tries to escape the lions on safari and the heartbreaking lions from her past.

While trekking to view the mountain gorillas in the jungles of Zaire her idyllic life and her mortal life are threatened when Ramsey is kidnapped – she didn't know he was also trying to escape the lions of the modern world. Adventure, romance, and danger are found in the jungles of Africa and in the high society world of the ex-patriots.

NAIROBI, is a modern day adventure with a strong female protagonist.