Julia Michelle Dawson

Hearts on Fire

Reading GENEVA

for the audio book

Martini Madness

Signing GENEVA

-A Novel of Internaitonal Intrigue-



Exploring the unknown - because curiosity didn't kill the cat.

I know that. 

It made her wise, brave, and fearless - capable of leading. 

Flying planes and jumping out, without fear of bleeding. 

Without combat 

Ride thoroughbred, camel, pachyderm, and go-kart quicker. 

Dreaming of Avatar and Quidditch makes the mind richer.

It's a fact 

Climb God's majestic mountains and ski down them. We revel

Voyage across the wild seas and dive deep into her magnificence. We marvel. 

Let's chat 

Taking calculated risks for grand rewards, life's only a debenture.

Harness the elements with sail and wing, the spirit's great quencher. 

Let's make a pact 

Loving without fear of losing it's a bold model of choosing