Exploring the unknown - because curiosity didn't kill the cat. 

I know that.

It made her wise, brave, and fearless - capable of leading.

Flying planes and jumping out, without fear of bleeding.

Into combat 

Riding thoroughbred, camel, pachyderm, and go kart quicker 

Dreaming of Avatar and Quidditch makes the mind richer. 

It's a fact

Climbing God's majestic mountains and skiing down them. We revel 

Voyaging across the wild seas and diving deep into its magnificence. We marvel.

Let's make a pact

Loving without fear of losing

It's a bold model of choosing

Let's chat 

Taking calculated risks for grand rewards, life's only a debenture.

Harnessing the elements with sail and wing, the spirit's great quencher.

It's not an act 

Having a son and taking him on life's grand adventure.

Makes one an adventurer not a bencher


BOLD vibrant energy permeates the artwork of Julia Michelle Dawson. Strong brush strokes, beautiful color, and painterly exuberance flow throughout her work, energizing the viewer.  

Julia studied investment finance at USC and then took up the lighter side of life by studying fine art at UCLA with Manny Cosentino and Suzanne Bothwell. Instructors Michael Drury and Robert Burridge also inspired her and both told her to “Be Bold” with her painting.

This vitality that is reflected in her artwork is intrinsic in her life’s pursuits, an experienced heli-skier, polo player, pilot, scuba diver, mountain climber, and competitive sailor. 

Exuberance for life is also found in her literary achievements. Dawson is internationally published. She is the author of GENEVA – A Novel of International Intrigue, which can be found in print, digital, and audio versions. For three years Dawson wrote a weekly column for the Sports Section of the Santa Barbara News Press called the “The Polo Set.” NAIROBI - A Novel of International Intrigue is soon to be published.

Dawson is an adventurous world traveler with 39 stamps in her passport. A world citizen, she calls California home.