"Mastering the Mistral"


Mastering the Mistral  was part of the "Facing Darkness" art show. The original is 48"x60" acrylic on cotton canvas. It is also available as a giclee on cotton canvas  with a mirrored gallery wrap of 1 1/2" or a giclee on paper. 

I write Ekphrastic poetry to go with my paintings. Here are my thoughts on

Mastering the Mistral:


Lone warriors, we feel alone

An echo of a moan 


Surrounded by uncertainty

Rumblings of anarchy


Defenseless from the elements

Wearing only facial helmets


Like a jib backwinding, we feel out of control

We want no more patrol


Waves crashing upon us we cannot imagine the future

Will we ever master this wind of the Mistral

Or is the Corona Virus just a mis-trial to test our resiliency