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GENEVA - A Novel of International Intrigue

Who caused the explosion of the WhitehallInvestment Bank in Paris?
Who stole Edward Munch's painting The Scream?

Karen Conner, the protagonist of this novel, GENEVA, needs to find out. She is a foreign correspondent for CNN, specializing in the Middle East.  Her life itinerary takes a detour when her husband's investment bank explodes.  After his funeral, she finds the painting within his poessessions.  Questioning whether or not she really knew this man she loved so much, she sets off to find out who caused the explosion and why he had The Scream.

This novel is a current story, a thriller stroked with colorful brushwork that takes the reader galloping around the globe, through four continents - up into the worlds of high finance, high-goal polo, and deep into the universe of terrorism, museum quality art theft, and ultimately submerging into an abyss of scandal and deceit.